Sweet sixteen

Black and white with a splash of hot pink –  those are the colors suggested for this week by The Play Date Cafe and I think are just perfect  for a Sweet Sixteen invitation. In their teens the children are rebellious and stubborn and their color choice in wardrobe is often black but they also like bright colors so you can see why this color combo is indeed perfect. Whit a little help from Case Study who suggested a nice inspirational design I came out with this card/invitation.

Negru,alb si un strop de Roz intens. Acestea sunt culorile propuse de cei de la The Play Date Cafe pentru saptamana asta si cred ca se potrivesc de minune cu o invitatie pentru petrecerea de zi de nastere a unei pustoaice de 16 ani. Tinerii la varsta adolescentei sunt rebeli si incapatanati si aleg din ce in ce mai des culori inchise in garderoba lor, mai cu sema negru, fara a ignora insa culorile tari, vibrante cum este acest Roz intens ceea ce ma face sa cred ca am mare dreptate. Cu un pic de ajutor la capitolul design de la muza lunii februarie a celor de la Case Study iata si felicitarea/invitatia mea.

These one is the only one showing the hot pink :). I couldn’t capture the right color on camera so don’t be fulled be the red in the other pictures. See the rest in the slideshow:

Aceatsa poza este singura in care chiar se vede nunata de roz aprins :). N-am reusit sa prind culoarea potrivita in poza asa ca nu va lasati pacaliti de rosul din celeleate imagini pentru ca ele sunt de fapt un Roz aprins – intens :). Restul d epoze le puteti vedea mai jos:

Această prezentare necesită JavaScript.

I’m also entering this to the Our Creative Corner – Black and White With a Splash of Color chalenge.

M-am inscris si pe Our Creative Corner -la provocarea – Alb si Negru cu o pata de culoare.

Hopping that you liked my Black and white sweet sixteen I give you a big hug and invite you to come back soon.

In speranta ca va placut Invitatia mea in Alb si negru, va pup dulce si va astept sa va intoarceti cat de curand.


5 gânduri despre „Sweet sixteen

  1. This is wonderful – what a gorgeous stamp that is and I love the way you have stamped it in both black and white and then the black on black. I think it’s a perfect sweet 16 card! So happy you shared it with us over at Our Creative Corner this week!

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you on the age appropriateness of this color splash! My take was for my niece, who’s turning thirteen, going on eighteen. And I love your little cluster of dimensional blossoms! Thanks so much for playing along with us this week at The Play Date Cafe!

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