Poppy flower cards to celebrate the coming of spring/ Felicitari cu flori de mac de 1 Martie

I love poppy flowers! So delicate yet strong and very beautiful, they lighten my day every time I see them, so is not a mystery how I got the inspiration for this cards. Enjoy.

Ador florile de mac. Sunt atat de delicate si in acelasi timp puternice si incredibil de frumoase, imi lumineaza ziua de fiecare data cand le vad asa ca nu e un mister cum cu au ajuns sa ma inspire. Sper sa va placa.

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Black lace boxed Valentine ’s Day card / Felicitare de Ziua Indragostitilor imbracata in dantela neagra

For all of you who missed the chance to make something special for your love on Valentine ’s Day  you have another one on Dragobete so I want to show you one  of my newest designs.

Pentru toti cei care ai ratat sansa de a face ceva special pentru cel/cea iubita  de ziua Indragostitilor mai aveti o sansa de Dragobete asa ca doresc sa va arat una din creatiile mele cele mai noi.

A black lace boxed card with red filigree writing and flowery details laid on a support of newspaper writing and Latin dancers. Beyond the words the pictures say it  all.

O felicitare rosie pusa in cutie cu scris filigran si detalii florale, infasurata in dantela  neagra. Dincolo de cuvinte imaginile spun tot asa ca o sa va las in compania lor.

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Happy Valentine’s Day / La Multi Ani de Sfantul Valentin

I know is not our hollyday, but maybe, just maybe you would like to share a smile, a gift, a litle peace of your hart with your love ones and so, I though you’d like to see some lace hart tags I made for today.

Stiu ca nu este o sarbatoare romaneasca dar poate ati dori sa impartiti un zambet, o mica atentie, o bucatica din inima voastra cu cei pe care ii iubiti asa ca m-am gandit sa va arat cateva etichete filigran pe care le-am factut cu aceasta ocazie.

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Marie – Aristocats invitation/ Invitatii cu Pisicile Aristocrate – Marie

Cut invitations.

What shape would you choose if you could cut any shape you want. Can you imagine!? Any shape.

Invitatii decupate.

Ce forma ati alege daca ati putea taia orice forma ati dori. Va puiteti imagina? Orice forma.

The possibilities are virtually endless, but even so the difference between designs will still be made by the quality of the materials, the harmony between colors and textures, and of course the brilliance of an idea that holds the concept together making it a whole.

Posibilitatile sunt aproape nelimitate, dar chiar si asa diferenta dintre modele o va face in continuare calitatea materialelor folosite, armonia dintre culori si texturi la care se adauga desigur acea idee minunata care uneste totutul facandu-l un intreg.

Have you ever had the feeling that some people enhance your creativity more than others? Well, me I have this feeling every time that I work with Oana. She always challenges me and the final result is always complete, original and almost without fault. Please see for your self’s:

Ati avut vreo data sentimentul ca anumite persoane va stimuleaza creativitatea mult mai mult decat altele? Ei bine, eu am mereu acest sentiment atunci cand lucrez cu Oana. Ea ma provoaca in permanenta si rezultatul final este mereu complet, original si aproape fara cusur. Va invit acum sa va convingeti siguri:

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